Mary Almon

Mary Almon, LPN

Piedmont Newnan Hospital
Newnan, Georgia
United States

I recently was hospitalized for 8 days in your hospital. I'd like to bring "Miss Mary", a nurse on the 7th floor, to your attention and nominate her for the DAISY Award. I truly feel Miss Mary is an angel in this world. She has certainly been a blessing in my life and I'm sure in all her patient's lives. As I got to know Miss Mary, I realized she truly has a servant's heart. She is a dedicated nurse and is the epitome of what nursing should be. She sees her patients as individuals and daily I experienced and saw her go the extra mile for me and others. The attention to detail was extraordinary. When my arm hurt with the BP cuff, she was quick to get one that could be used on my wrist. When I had an "accident" on the way to the bathroom, I came out to find her on her knees cleaning the floor. She moved an IV that continued to set off an alarm because of the position it was in. I know she rarely left when her shift was over. She always stayed until she was sure her patients were settled and taken care of. There were many little kindnesses she extended to me, which I certainly appreciated. She seems to be held in high esteem by the other nurses. She was always ready to lend a helping hand if they needed it. So much of her care is "common sense". I feel that she is an excellent mentor to new nurses and hope that she might be utilized as such. She has much to share about excellent patient care. I truly feel Miss Mary was instumental in my recovery and I am forever grateful. *** EXTRA SPECIAL NOTATION: This was Mary's SECOND DAISY Award with Piedmont Newnan Hospital!!! We are extremely proud to have Mary on our Nursing Services Team!