Marti Demeyere

Marti Demeyere, RN, CCRN

UC San Diego Health System
San Diego, California
United States

While visiting California my husband became seriously ill. He was admitted to UCSD, he was been in CCU for nearly 6 weeks now. He has had several nurses caring for him during this stay. The care he has received from all of the staff has been exceptional. However there was an act of kindness from one of the nurses that went above and beyond her job description, that nurse is Marti Demeyere.
Because my husband was in the CCU and heavily sedated, she knew that he wouldn't be able to buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day as he normally does. She took the time on her day off to go to the store to get me a bouquet of flowers. She then called the unit secretary at UCSD to ask him to call her when I arrived at the hospital. Marti drove from her home which is approximately 45 minutes away to deliver the flowers (again it was her day off). This was not something she had to do, but something she wanted to do. Her gesture will be one of the happy memories I'll take home with me when we leave UCSD.
The stress and anxiety one feels when a loved one is critically ill, is very high, but is increased by being 3000 miles away from home. Her kindness allowed me to forget about all of that for a while.
For going above and beyond, I feel she is truly deserving of the DAISY Award.