Marti Chaney

Marti Chaney

Marti Chaney, RN II

JPS Health Network
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

... Marti makes it her mission to carry the JPS vision and values in her heart daily. She feels personally responsible for every patient and team member she encounters.

Her most recent selfless act occurred during the holidays for a patient in P5. The individual in her care was hospitalized for over a week leading up to Christmas, and was not going to be able to complete her holiday shopping for her family. Without hesitation, Marti leapt to action and encouraged her unit and physical therapy to "adopt" this patient's family for the holidays. She raised $140 to purchase toys, pajamas, books, food and blankets. The unit wrapped the gifts and gave them to the patient before she left JPS demonstrating the true spirit of the season.

Marti introduced the "Let's CHAT" method to her team during shift huddle to improve bedside reporting and increase staff ownership of their roles and dedication to the patient experience. This project aids nurses in assessing patient complaints and communicating health information effectively to the physician.

She is very motivated and she has a contagious behavior that spreads to the staff. Marti knows the value of creating a sense of community at JPS, and she engages others in positive change.