Marsha Barnett

Marsha Barnett, RN

After Hours Clinic
Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

Marsha couldn't be a better, more caring nurse. She is also a wonderful colleague. She is very dedicated to the Bellevue After Hours Clinic and to the patients and their families. She simply has "the touch" with patients of all ages. She has a calm reassuring demeanor that children respond to so well. As an example, I have never heard a child scream or struggle when she tried to obtain a throat swab. This is no small accomplishment! And it makes all the difference in the world when I enter the room to examine a child after she's obtained the swab. It dramatically improves the child's overall experience. Marsha strives to make each child's experience in the clinic the best it can be. She provides on-target, thorough, understandable teaching for families, comforts them and still keeps our clinic on time. She is efficient, and usually has what I need ready before I ask for it! Her kindness is immeasurable, and she is a gem.