Marquessa McDowell

Marquessa McDowell

Marquessa McDowell, RN

Acute Rehab, Med/Surg
St. Mary's Medical Center San Francisco
San Francisco, California
United States
Marquessa's presence and demeanor was remarkable.

I am always happy to see Marquessa; she has all the qualities I value in a nurse.

She is very:

Clinically excellent,

Gentle and Kind to all patients,



Helpful to all staff,


Many of these qualities came into play one day in May.  A mentally disturbed and possibly paranoid young man arrived on 4 West.  Marquessa was alerted by the patient's family member about him.  She stayed with the young man, and spoke calmingly to him until security arrived.  This was a situation which could have gotten out of hand on the unit, or the young man could have fled to another floor.  Marquessa's presence and demeanor was remarkable, and was remarked on by our patient's family member.  Acute Rehab and the young man are fortunate that Marquessa was working with us that day.

No one deserves the DAISY Award more than Marquessa McDowell.