Marley Bass

Marley Bass

Marley Bass, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto
Southaven, Mississippi
United States

Nurse Marley has given my Mother excellent care, compassionate understanding, emotional comfort and careful attention. While Mother has been going through many tests this week to find the source of abdominal pain, nausea, hip and back pain and she has been very anxious, nervous and frightened, Marley has been so patient, caring and comforting. To ease Mother's anxiety, Marley asked the charge nurse to explain the EGD scope procedure and to share his recommendation and confidence in the doctor. Marley knew that would calm Mother and it did.

Marley also asked Mother's attending physician if he wanted to order any anxiety medication. He did and that helped Mother so much! He would never have known about Mother's emotional state if Marley had not brought it to his attention.

Finally, Marley has shared her time with us, visiting with us about Mother's health, her symptoms, explaining the medications, how they would help her and she has patiently listened to Mother explain her pain and discomfort. This kind of attention is rare in our experience and it makes a patient feel respected and understood when a nurse like Marley, gives her time, care and listening ear.

In our opinion and experience, Marley has gone above and beyond! We love her for all her efforts and kind attention.