Marlene Alvarez-Brewer

Marlene Alvarez-Brewer

Marlene Alvarez-Brewer, RN

St. Joseph's Hospitals and South Florida Baptist Hospital
Lutz, Florida
United States
That day, Marlene showed me she will always have my back, she will always make time to listen to my needs, she doesn't care who someone is to her, right is right and wrong is wrong.

I understand it is in the job description of the charge nurse to lead the other nurses on the unit, provide resources and education to help her team achieve the shifts daily goals/expectation and ultimately provide oversight to all patient care on her unit. But as a nurse (a new nurse who floats between all units of this hospital) I can say without a doubt, Marlene is the BEST charge nurse I have ever worked with.

I understand what the DAISY Award means, and how much we as nurses find honor, and pride in this achievement to even be nominated. Which is why after one exceptionally compassionate shift with her I knew there was something I needed to do to let everyone know and understand her depth of caring for not just our patients, but her team, and her hospital.

To explain what made me so taken back by her actions and assistance I need to explain some background of a patient I was caring for this day. I (less than 1 year of experience in nursing) was caring for a female patient who was admitted for an abscess. This patient did have a history of IV drug use, she was very open about her use even allowing security to go through all her things and very compliant with her care. However, she was in pain, and I had nothing I could really give her to help with her pain and detoxing from using prior to being admitted. I reached out to her hospitalist, but there was no response. I then followed my chain of command and explained to her my situation, worried that she may think I'm gullible wanting to help the patient with a history of IV drug use. (Since earlier this morning there were remarks made to me by the outgoing night shift nurse and drug seeking). But, I as her nurse, took the chance because I wanted to help my patient, and didn't know where to turn. I asked Marlene if I could talk to her about one of my patients and then she listened to me. I almost became emotional trying to convey my advocating for my patient to get some sort of relief for pain and not leave AMA, due to her safety and wanting to be here at the hospital and doing the right thing by getting her infection taken care of. After I was done telling Marlene everything that I have tried and where I was at with her care I waited for her response (most would have told me she's drug seeking, due to stereotypes and bias) but she didn't. She LISTENED, and she HEARD me. She GUIDED me on my next steps and followed up to see if orders were given to me. They were not, at which point she took action. When the physician called back she was direct and clear on what the patient was experiencing and didn't let the physician bully her around. My patient eventually got meds on board to help calm her and keep her in the hospital. There is much more to this day and situation but I am already writing a novel.

That day, Marlene showed me she will always have my back, she will always make time to listen to my needs, she doesn't care who someone is to her, right is right and wrong is wrong. Words cannot express how important it is to me to know that I have someone in my corner while mentally, and physically exhausted each day trying my best to be the best nurse for my patients. I can breathe a little easier when I know my assignment is because I did have her there. Thank you, again for listening, and most importantly, hearing me.