Marleen Gray

Marleen Gray

Marleen Gray, RN

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center- Boise
Boise, Idaho
United States
Through it all, Marleen demonstrated the same professional quality of being thorough and candid about my wife's condition.

She was responsible for monitoring my wife while she was a patient in the Telemetry Unit last year.

When I first met Marleen, our initial meeting got off to a bit of a rocky start. I had received a phone message early that morning from an attending doctor telling me that my wife had been moved to the Telemetry Unit since I last visited her the night before.

When I arrived at the hospital, I asked to speak with her attending nurses in order to get an update on her condition because the doctor's message that morning had been brief. I was told that Marleen would be able to bring me up-to-date, but that she was busy with another patient and she would come to my wife's room when she was free. Two hours later, Marleen came to talk with me. She was embarrassed and very apologetic because she had been so long before remembering that I wanted to see her and had gotten busy with other duties.

Within a short time, Marleen answered all my questions and I was very impressed with her ability to clearly communicate to me my wife’s various test results. I also appreciated the patience that she took to help me understand the significance of any test where the results were outside of the normal range. I felt extremely comfortable and confident that she knew what she was talking about and that she wanted me to be completely informed of the doctors' opinion of my wife's current state.

Over the next few days, she and I had the opportunity to repeat the medical review and update process. My wife's situation was compounded by the fact that there were three different medical problems occurring at the same time with her and it seemed that each day we would get different opinions from her attending physicians on her prognosis and progress. Through it all, Marleen demonstrated the same professional quality of being thorough and candid about my wife's condition.

I was also impressed with Marleen's talent for being very courteous to our guests who would drop in at different times to visit my wife. Marleen has an excellent social quality and she treated all our visitors with smiles, candor, and a feeling of making them feel welcome.

Often she would joke with us about having the best room in the hospital. For certain we had a wonderful panoramic view of North Boise and the foothills. Marleen was quick to point out that she was responsible for providing us with the best accommodations available at the hospital.

Without a doubt, Marleen is a real asset to the St. Alphonsus Hospital staff and has the professional confidence and ability to inspire many who have the opportunity to meet her and to work with her.