Mark TIffany

Mark TIffany, RN

Altru Health System
Grand Forks, North Dakota
United States

The reason I am writing is to also recognize a nurse that cared for my father, back in February of 2010. His name is Mark, he was an RN on the fifth floor. My dad still talks about him, and how kind Mark was!!! My apologies this note is well overdue.
I know that it is not normal for a patient and family to nominate a nurse for a Daisy Award. We have had the Daisy Award at the Hospital I work at in California for a few years. I talked with Bonnie Barnes from the Daisy Foundation, and I was telling her about Mark at Altru in Grand Forks and she suggested that I write a nomination for Mark and he wonderful care that he provided.
My dad as I told you is in his 80's, and is know to all friends as family as a "peace maker and gentleman." He was admitted for pain management, and we found that he had severe cervical arthritis and was having a flare up. He was having excrutiating pain in his cervical spin that radiated to head, they tried all kinds of pain medication, and we ended up resorting to Fentanyl well let's just say, my dad became a "little difficult." That is putting it mildly. Well low and behold we were so fortunate to meet Mark the first of his three shifts in a row. Mark cared for him the first night, he sat with dad, he called the MD's informing them that the patient is just not right, he continues to have pain. As my dad continued to try to climb out of bed, become rather beligerant, and good lord a flight of ideas that were out of this world. My dad thought we had put him in the state hospital in Jamestown, he was thoroughly confused. Mark continued to reassure him, he was so patient with him!!! The second night Mark came back the Hockey game was on, well my dad was in heaven, anything that is even close to wrestling or court shows, will make his day. Paul was a nursing assistant that was assigned to my dad also, Mark and Paul were quite a team!!! He just thought it was wonderful to have these two "guys" care for him, he was very taken with their manners and sense of humor. Paul would tell my dad, his college plans to become a physician. Mark would talk to my dad about how awesome it is to be a nurse. When dad was having a good moment and with us in present time, verses Fentanyl Land, he reminded Mark it was Valentines Day, and how important it was to remember Valentines Day. Well once again the next two nights the Fentanyl got the best of my dad, the sun went down and all his wits were gone. Mark came in those next two nights, he was the relief charge nurse, and he said I am going to take care of your dad again tonight, and I am the charge nurse tonight. I thought to myself, god bless you!!! At about 11 pm, I told Mark I was going back to the hotel to get a little rest, but to call me if Dad gets confused and asks for me. Mark said," you need to get some rest, I promise you I will call if your dad asks for you or seems to be getting more confused." Mark called me, I came up and he was in the room sitting with my dad telling him, that I would be there shortly. Mark was so kind and caring, he worked so hard to keep reorienting dad, and at times he was even successful. Mark was so thoughtful and kind, and for him to have left that lasting impression with my Dad. We would love to say hi to Mark and thank him again. Every time my dad comes down for an appt. he always say, I wonder how Mark is, 'heck of a guy and what a nurse!!!"
Thank you Mark for all the great care you provided my Dad and Family.