Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan, RN

Vineyard View
Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa, California
United States
Mark's patient care is some of the best I've witnessed.

I can think of numerous situations in which Mark clearly demonstrates qualities and characteristics worthy of a DAISY Award. As a new nurse, Mark is a constant source of information for myself and many other recent graduates, offering valuable information both when asked and anytime he feels information would be useful to whom he is offering it. While I am surrounded by nothing but fabulous nurses on a nightly basis, Mark's patient care is some of the best I've witnessed. He always takes the time to make a real connection with his patients and their families; offering humor when appropriate and always educating patients regarding their hospital stay, most notably their medications and upcoming procedures. I have never met a patient who did not like Mark!

Mark goes above and beyond to help other nurses. Whether he is charge or has patients of his own. He is quick to recognize which nurses are having a rough night, offering his assistance to help the night go more smoothly. To me, this shows that Mark is enhancing patient care on our unit as a whole, and for that, I am very grateful.

In addition to great patient care, Mark is sure to offer rationales and happily pulls up policies so other members of the team have plentiful information when dealing with a new situation. Even in situations in which another nurse may need constructive criticism. Mark does so in a delicate and understanding way. I love feedback from him because I am able to provide better patient care and I don't feel belittled or shamed when he offers advice. I am thankful to have a great co-worker like Mark and I know patients are thankful for his presence on Vineyard View as well.