Marizella Bennett

Marizella Bennett, RN

Canyon Vista Medical Center
Sierra Vista, Arizona
United States

Nomination #1: Marizella was so reassuring to me. She went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable. She was prompt, polite and always had a smile. She made me feel safe and at ease. I always looked forward to having her as my nurse. She did not give pat answers; she researched my questions and concerns so that I was not anxious or scared. In essence, she is more deserving than any other person that took care of me during my stay. She is a breath of fresh air. With that, I say “Thank you Sella—You are the Best.”

Nomination #2: The first night of admittance, Marizella covered everything for me in detail concerning what I should expect from the hospital point of view, to what I should be doing to help with my recovery. She was always sincere and caring concerning my health and any of my needs. She had kind words of encouragement and helped me to relax and focus on getting well. She worked well with her team as well as others on the floor.