Marissa Garcia

Marissa Garcia, RN

Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center
Riverside, California
United States

My husband and I met Marissa on Tuesday 3/4/14. When she introduced herself to us, I felt very at ease. She was caring and compassionate toward my husband and me. She checked on him constantly with her caring touch she made him feel special. She was at his bedside when his condition changed. She had excellent clinical skills to do what was necessary. Consult with doctor's, turned him from side to side when it was scheduled. Her demeanor when she spoke to my husband was exceptional. She spoke with me when she saw that I was going to spend the night. She found me a comfortable chair and gave me pillows and blankets. I had been sleeping in regular chairs the night before. Marissa always explained what the plans for that day were. She kept both my husband and me up on what the procedures were planned for the two days. My husband had trouble sleeping. He was always hot so he would take off his clothes. She found some unders or hospital briefs for him. When I asked to speak to her she came and answered my/our concerns. All through the night my husband needed to be turned and changed. She and assistants were there. She always had a happy loving attitude. We could see it on her face and demeanor.