Marion Douglas

Marion Douglas

Marion Douglas, RN

Telephone Triage
Austin, Texas
United States
Marion has always been a fearless patient advocate.

Marion has repeatedly intervened to support patients in mental health crises. Through telephone triage, she has often been supportive of those who threaten to harm themselves. Marion uses active listening techniques and validates the patient, all while synthesizing a plan in her head. Coordinating care by telephone conferencing is an efficient skill that she obtains. She involves EMS Community Health paramedics, Psychiatric Emergency Services, BHCs and the patient. While she is talking with the patient, she can quickly conference in PES or EMS to talk with the patient about plans for their care. At the same time, she obtains a BHC appointment as soon as possible, usually the same or next day. She knows that BHC contact is vital to a referral to our psychiatric providers. She is great at multitasking, and this is what makes her an outstanding triage nurse. I see her go above and beyond daily, in emergent and non-emergent situations.


Marion has always been a fearless patient advocate. When she was a charge nurse at NC clinic all her IM patients knew her, they were confident that she would resolve their problems. Now, as triage nurse, she keeps making sure that her patients are being taken care of. Multiple times she has searched for me by email, office phone, cell phone, lync message until she is able to get a hold of me to give me a report about patients that need immediate overlook. I have seen her chart notes that hours later she calls patients to check on their status. She is definitely a patient advocate.