Marilyn Ellsberry

Marilyn Ellsberry

Marilyn Ellsberry, RN

Good Samaritan Medical Center (CO)
Lafayette, Colorado
United States

Marilyn Ellsberry is more than deserving of the DAISY Award. Marilyn is a compassionate, caring person with integrity. She wouldn't want anyone to know what she did or be praised for what she did. However, what she did deserves to be shared.

We've had a long term patient on our unit who was just discharged the day before Christmas. Let's just say he was here for a couple of months. He was a one timer and everyone on our unit knew him and let's just say he grew on us. Well, because he was here so long and was homeless, he didn't have any clothes with him. Throughout his stay Marilyn gained his trust and his friendship with the type of personality and care she always gave to all of her patients.

Marilyn went above and beyond and out of her way for our patient. When she discovered that he didn't have any clothes, Marilyn went to Walmart and bought some sweat pants and shoes for our patient to wear around his room so that he would feel more at home. What made this different and special was knowing our patient was very honorable and wouldn't take handouts, Marilyn washed all the items prior to bring them in and told him, "they were my nephews and they were just lying around, so I thought you could use them." Throughout the rest of his stay, Marilyn took the clothes to the laundry mat and washed them for him as well.

Marilyn has integrity; she does things out of her own kindness and thoughtfulness when no one is watching. Compassion and caring spirit, Marily exhibits this throughout her day with her patients and team members. Marilyn is proactive in her thinking and knowledgeable in her care to gain his trust and friendship. Marilyn deserves the DAISY award for all that she is and does every day.