Marika Brimeyer

Marika Brimeyer, RN

Non-Invasive Testing/Cardiac Rehab
Good Samaritan Medical Center (CO)
Lafayette, Colorado
United States

Marika works in our stress testing department and our inpatient cardiac rehab department. On a daily basis, Marika brings a high level of clinical skill and attention to patient safety. She insures good communication with her team and she followes up to make sure that work is complete.
A recent experience in our treadmill center clearly demonstrates Marika's caring, dedication and attention to detail. One of our patients undergoing a stress test experienced significant symptoms. Later, after his nuclear scan, Marika looked at the images with the nuclear tech. They both thought that the images looked positive for ischemia. The following day, she checked the patient's medical record to see what the outcome was. Through her deligent attention to details, she followed up with the nuclear medicine tech and
the patient underwent cardiac cath and coronary stent. This positive patient outcome occured in large part to the follow up from Marika.
We are very lucky to have Marika on our treadmill and cardiac rehab team as well as our Exempla Good Samaritan Team.