Mariecarr Abutin-Sims

MarieCarr Abutin-Sims

Mariecarr Abutin-Sims, RN, BSN

Perioperative Care Center
Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center
Norfolk, Virginia
United States

Marie is the background of our unit. She ensures that our work flows so that our patients experience the highest quality care while passing through PCC. She is a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable resource for our staff.

She precepts our newcomers, always with a welcoming smile and encouraging words. She is a pleasure to work alongside, and is someone we all look to for help, knowing she will be right there to do whatever is needed. She encourages engagement in our department by coordinating fund raisers for the heart walk, planning potluck dinners for celebrations, and promoting the PNAP (of which she is a chair).

You cannot walk alongside her in the hallways of Depaul without her knowing at least 3 people and making sure to say hello. Her personality and excellence has made incredible impressions on our patients. Marie is often requested, by name, by patients who regularly visit PCC. For example, a patient who recently passed away, would come to PCC a few times each month. He would specifically ask for Marie to get him ready. He was comfortable with her; they had a true friendship. She was able to establish rapport with him and his family. In addition, another patient who comes in less frequently also asks for her by name because of her superior IV start skills and bedside manner.

Marie is a shining example of excellence in service and compassionate care here at Depaul Medical Center Perioperative Care Center.