Marie Riehl

Marie Riehl

Marie Riehl, BSN,RN, OCN

Ambulatory Care
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Marie is a wealth of knowledge, remains calm in difficult situations and is progressive and organized in thought and action.

Marie Riehl served as my preceptor almost 3 years ago.  Her extraordinary ability to help me recognize my potential in my weakest professional moments, as a new oncology nurse, will never be forgotten.  As a true leader, she recognized my best attributes and helped me realize my unseen potential.  The best leaders have the foresight and desire to make their team stronger by recognizing the strengths of an individual, using the strength to make suggestions on ways they can participate more fully in the organization and therefore bring about full professional self-actualization.  This only serves to make the organization stronger as well.  Marie suggested I attend the Magnet conference last Fall.  Although I was reluctant, Marie felt I would be good at it and supported me through the learning process of attending my very first out of state conference.  It was a truly memorable moment of growth for me that remains alive today.

In my years of nursing, I have worked for several different “types” of leaders.  The leaders that have made the most impact on my life and professional wellbeing were those that did not fear sharing their knowledge.  They were not concerned that their staff would surpass their own skills and “steal their thunder” so to speak.  These leaders knew that by having a staff that was well-trained and felt respected for their individual strengths and weaknesses sat at the helm of a staff that works as a team, caring for one another and themselves as much as the patients they serve.  These leaders worked side by side with staff as well as kept the door to their office open for help with difficult situations or just to bounce ideas around promoting critical thinking and developing problem-solving skills.  This best describes Marie.

Marie is well respected among our outpatient staff.  She is a wealth of knowledge, remains calm in difficult situations and is progressive and organized in thought and action.  I know I am not alone in wishing to see her acknowledged for her deep commitment to the Fox Chase Cancer Center, its staff, patients and for her exceptional leadership skills.

NOTE: This is Marie's 2nd DAISY Award!!