Maricris Aldaba

Maricris Aldaba

Maricris Aldaba, RN, BSN

Telemetry Oncology
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Mission Hills, California
United States

I was here about 2 years ago when I first met Maricris. I was brought to the hospital because I was unresponsive. The doctor ordered a psychiatric evaluation, which made me very upset. Maricris kept reassuring me that it's okay to see a psychiatric doctor and that the doctor would evaluate me. Maricris kept a positive attitude telling me that the doctor will not find anything wrong with me mentally. It turns out Maricris was right. Instead, I was having seizures.

And then today, I had the privilege as having her as my nurse again. Nobody wants to be in the hospital but how wonderful it is to have great nurses like Maricris who feel like they are part of your family. Thank you Maricris for your kind treatment and compassion in taking care of me now just like you did the last time I was here in the hospital.


I have had the pleasure of working with Maricris for 2 years when tele and oncology combined. Maricris worked 4S and her background was all tele. During the time period when tele merged with onc, Maricris embraced the new learning curve. She absorbed all new teachings, delivering amazing care.

In the short time Maricris gave chemo (yes, she became chemo certified), she was very self-confident even though she was quaking inside. I am so glad that I will have the opportunity again to work alongside Maricris when she transfers to her new department in ED. I am confident that she will excel. She is an asset to Holy Cross and is the perfect mode of our Mission Statement.