August 2017
James A. Haley VA Hospital
United States




The following story exemplifies the outstanding patient and family-centered care that Ms. Aviles delivered during an emotional and stressful period of time. 

Ms. Aviles was assigned to care for a patient who was critically ill with a poor prognosis.  The patient had been estranged from his daughters for 20 years.  He had recently been informed of their current residence which was out of state.   The daughters arrived at the CICU and were not sure if their father would agree to see them based on the hurt and conflicts in the past.   The daughters requested that Ms. Aviles talk with their father and let him them know how much they wanted to see and reconnect with him.   Ms. Aviles talked with the patient about the importance of forgiveness and potential positive aspects and the value of making peace and resolving family conflicts.   The visit was very therapeutic and beneficial for both the daughters and the patient.  The daughters had to return to their home out of state but placed pictures of grandchildren and family in the patient ’s room.  They also routinely called to get updates on the status of their father.   The patient’s clinical status continued to deteriorate and based on the patient's request and in consultation with the family it was decided to withdraw care.    The family was not able to be at the bedside when the ventilator was going to be removed and requested that the discontinuation of the life support not be started until Ms. Aviles arrived on duty to be at the bedside with their father.   The impact that Ms. Aviles had on this patient and family was profound by being instrumental in reconnecting the family after several years and her support at the end of life.  Ms. Aviles had a memorable and positive impact on both the patient and his family when he was a patient in the CICU.

Note: This is Maribel’s 2nd DAISY Award!