Maria Roxas

Maria Roxas, RN

Pediatric General Medicine Transplant Unit
Texas Children's Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

Maria Roxas- 12 WT (General Medicine Transplant Unit)

"Cooper was started on Ampho-B for a yeast infection. He had never had the drug
before and had a really bad reaction to it. He had severe Rigors and spent the first
night in terrible pain from the meds. Maria was our nurse that night. She got the
doctors moving quickly to help make Cooper more comfortable. She was in our room
most of the night helping me to ease Cooper's pain. The next night on the Ampho -B
was just as bad despite all of the pre-meds he was given. After being up all night
the night before while Cooper screamed and shook, Maria let me get some rest part
way through the night during a calm period for Cooper. When he started with the
Rigors again, she calmed him and stayed with him while I got a little sleep. I was
able to rest so I could take care of Cooper because Maria was so kind and willing to
take care of Coopers needs the second night. She is a fantastic and attentive Nurse.
We were blessed to have her during two of Coopers worst nights ever here at TCH. She
made them bearable for both of us."