Maria "Malou" Requintina

Maria "Malou" Requintina

Maria "Malou" Requintina, RN

Good Shepherd Medical Center - Longview & Marshall
Longview, Texas
United States

“She is as bright as a daisy. When a patient is sick…[Malou] brightens their day, and that’s just what she does. She is awesome. Not only is she a nurse, but she helps PCTs with their work. If she has the time...she does not mind answering the call light and going to see what the patient needs. She has a great personality at all times, and every patient that I assist her with loves her and says she is the best. I totally agree. If my family member gets sick, I would want her for my nurse.”

“She always goes above and beyond. Never once has she come into GSMC with a negative attitude. Regardless of how bad of a night she’s having, she always seems to keep a positive attitude. AWESOME NURSE!!! She's one of the only nurses that I would let take care of my family and friends.”

“She doesn’t look at her job as just being a nurse for patients. She is considerate of everyone that she comes in contact with. She has great dignity and the upmost respect for everyone. No matter what the circumstances are, if it is big or small, she always has a big smile just like a daisy. I work on Ortho/Neuro and I was the only PCT one night. The call lights were going off like sirens. By the time I would get ready to go to the patient’s room, she would already have taken care of them. If it was answering the call light, using the bedside commode, urinal, going to the restroom, water, etc., she worked like she was a PCT. It didn't matter to her. I knew right then she was not about just her title. The respect for patients and meeting their needs is important to her. That’s what Good Shepherd needs...nurses and all staff to go above and beyond to make sure our patients and family get the best care.”