Maria Florenda Cudal

Maria Florenda Cudal

Maria Florenda Cudal, RN

Maternity Center
St. Francis Medical Center (CA)
Lynwood, California
United States

Maria is a night shift charge nurse who has always been at the forefront of the Maternity Center. She is a good listener, has a strong work ethic, and has the best interest of others at heart. She played a pivotal role as the unit implemented a number of initiatives to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and was also instrumental in improving nursing practices when the unit transitioned from Postpartum to Couplet Care, and when the Women's Health Center and Maternity Center centralized services in the Family Life Center.

She is highly attentive and responsive to moms' and babies' needs, and extends extraordinary compassion and commitment. Recently on her rounds, she observed a newborn who was not doing as well as expected. Maria prioritized an assessment for the infant, which prompted an appropriate transfer of the baby to our NICU and then to another facility for further specialized care.

Maria is the consummate Maternity Unit nurse, able to multi-task, prioritize, and meet patient care goals each day. She engages those around her and motivates the team to become involved in the nursing unit council. She encourages the sharing of ideas and best practices and works collaboratively to ensure the highest standard of care. Colleagues describe her as caring, compassionate, resourceful, and a leader. She is an advocate for her co-workers and for those in her care, and she always goes the extra mile for the patients and families of St. Francis Medical Center.