Maria Evans

Maria Evans, RN III

Short Stay Unit
UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Here is what one of our patient’s family members had to share about Maria: “During my husband’s extended stay, we first encountered Maria as she stepped in to re-place his IV line. She was not his nurse that day but is known on the unit for her ‘expert skills’ in placing lines and is known to be genuinely happy to help her co-workers. My husband is deathly frightened of needles. Maria took the time to explain to him exactly what she was doing, remained calm, and didn’t appear to be bothered at how long it would take for his fears to be alleviated. She was so compassionate and kind and didn’t even make him feel silly for being so frightened.”

“The next encounter occurred when my husband became violently ill during an NG tube insertion. During the next shift, he was comforted when Maria arrived and told him she was assigned to be his primary nurse. She was also able to reposition his tube so that it would no longer trigger his gag reflex. He instantly became relaxed and was so much more comfortable. We so appreciate that she also recognized the need for my husband to be transferred to a unit more suited for his complications and ensured his placement close to the nurse’s station. She even escorted us to our new room and made sure my husband was comfortable in his new surroundings. Her calm demeanor, competency and compassionate nature brought extraordinary comfort during a difficult time for our family.”