Maria Charess Dela Cruz

Maria Charess Dela Cruz, RN

Nursing Care Group, 15 South Staff Nurse
St. Luke's Medical Center Global City
Global City Taguig City, Rizal

Charezz is a darling to patients in the Cardiovascular Unit (15th South). She has exhibited true nursing care to patients as she was gentle and gracious during procedures which needed today especially when dealing with geriatric patients. She has a positive outlook on all situations which has motivated patients as they recuperate from illness and has always said words of encouragement, "Push mo yan Teh!" (You can do it!), which they appreciate. She has given intelligible health teachings. A patient mentioned, "She has explained the transition of my antibiotics from intravenous to oral and has given me clear instructions on how to proceed with my medications in the next 10 days." Moreover, she has leaped an extra mile as she assisted patients in providing necessary works which patients may use in the future in relation to their admission. This activity eased their burden during the discharge process especially as they see her smile. All of her patients appreciate this simple yet very accommodating care which they needed most in their most vulnerable times. She has exemplified what a "caring and capable nurse should be."