Maria Barker

Maria Barker

Maria Barker, LVN

Garland Women's Health Center
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, Texas
United States
Maria's leadership during the event helped the patient have a smooth and flawless transfer to the nearest hospital.

Maria Barker exudes professionalism, compassion, collaboration, excellence, and integrity in every encounter with patients, family, and staff.  She goes above and beyond being the only nurse in the clinic.

We are a Women's Health Clinic which serves women from ages 13-65.  We provide specialized care for Obstetrics, Family Planning, and Gynecological needs.  Our clientele are low risk and if problems or complications arise the patients are referred into the main campus for evaluation. Emergencies do not occur frequently in the clinic, but when they do, all hands are on deck from unit technicians, clerical staff, providers, and our one and only, Maria.

Last week the clinic opened their doors at 7:00 am and a pregnant woman (28 weeks gestation) came to sign in at the front desk for her scheduled appointment. She then proceeded to tell the clerk that she was having chest pain and shortness of breath. The clerk immediately called the providers office, but no one answered.  Just then Maria walked by the front desk and was told by the clerk that the patient was experiencing these symptoms.  Maria, without hesitation, brought the patient to an exam room, placed her on the bed and began checking her vital signs which revealed a heart rate of 170.  Help then arrived, oxygen was applied, 911 was called, and fetal heart tones were obtained. 

During this entire experience, while waiting for the paramedics to arrive, Maria displayed continuous compassion towards the frightened family members who were with the patient.  Her leadership during the event helped the patient have a smooth and flawless transfer to the nearest hospital.  She remained calm and collaborated with all team members in and out of the institution. 

Maria is an outstanding team player. She is a gem! Parkland and the patients are lucky to have her.