Margie Dexter

Margie Dexter

Margie Dexter, RN

General Surgery
Mission Hospital

From a patient:

Margie was so caring and at the same time very professional. She was very knowledgeable about what was going on with me even when unexpected complications arose. I told her she should have been a doctor instead of a nurse; but I am glad she chose the nursing field because we need nurses like her to care for people. I will never forget what great care she took of me. She is a special person.

From a patient's wife:

My husband was a patient here, and in walked this nurse who had a great big smile to make your day. She explained every detail to my husband about his care and calmed him with her kindness. She had to do wound care on him. She was so awesome in doing this and showing me how to do things for his home care to come. It was like we had known her all our lives. She calmed my husband fears, and she got his trust.

There is so much love and happiness in the job she does daily. Thank you! We will never forget you!

From a Staff Member:

In my work on Margie's unit, I hear many conversations between physicians and patients and nurses and patients. I once heard Margie give the most thorough assessment and description of her connection with a patient that I have ever heard.

Margie goes above and beyond the call of duty. If she has a question or problem about a patient, she will not stop until the problem is solved, and/or she has made sure her concerns are heard. If I were a patient, I would gladly take Margie as a nurse because I know that she is on top of things, and I would receive great care. If more nurses took the time to talk, listen, and teach patients like Margie does, patients would have better outcomes and a better overall hospital experience.