Margaret "Stacy" Thomas

Margaret "Stacy" Thomas, RN, BSN, CRRN

Acquired Brain Injury - Marcus Woodruff
Shepherd Center
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

God specially designed Stacy to be the definition of a great nurse. Not only is she a great nurse, but she fulfills many roles as an educator, nurturer, team player, and a source of inspiration for me to follow her footsteps. Many nurses have been recognized for their moments of greatness, but Stacy is consistently great. When she comes to work, she comes expecting to change someone's life. Stacy performs her job because she truly cares for each of her patients.

Whenever Stacy witnesses a patient becoming frustrated or distressed, she will comfort them and sympathize with them. If her patients cry, she would lend her shoulder to cry on and cry with them. I've witnessed her holding mothers in her arms when they were emotionally exhausted from seeing their children suffer. And her spirit remains so humble even during the toughest times. I've heard her sing to her patients to bring moments of joy in their hearts. She brings patients desiring to attend church to worship every Sunday, and she will sing and praise with them. On Easter Sundays, she'll wear bunny ears to bring much joy and laughter to all. She always has a positive attitude and is able to lift one's spirit in the time of need.

Stacy is patient and thorough while educating countless nursing students and new staff members, and she does so with genuine kindness and enthusiasm. She never grumbles or feels as though educating a student or staff member is inconveniently slowing her down for the day. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and will not think twice to share her words of wisdom.

She is an active participant in the Nurse Senate, and she sits on the DAISY Award committee. Even though she has presented DAISY awards to many deserving nurses with a smile on her face, in the 25 plus years that she has been a nurse at Shepherd Center, she has never received a DAISY Award.
Yet, she remains humble knowing that she did not become a nurse for praise or recognition; she became a nurse to change people's lives. When patients come back to visit her, the visit becomes as warm as a family reunion. Her patients may not recall everything that occurred during their stay at Shepherd Center, but they remember how well Stacy treated them with love and kindness. She serves as a mother figure, a comforter, a friend, and an angel for many.