Margaret "Margie" Becker

Margaret "Margie" Becker

Margaret "Margie" Becker, RN, AMSN

Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

On April 25th my mother was admitted to the Winchester Medical Center. She was sent to the 5th floor where we had the good fortune to meet Margie Becker. Margie and the aides got my mother settled in and then she asked me what she could do for me! She got me a drink and told me what she was going to do for my mom. Over the next few days we all realized Mom's condition wasn't going to improve. After talking to her doctor about what the prognosis was for Mom we knew it was time to talk to hospice. Margie contacted the hospice case worker and we made plans to take Mom back to Spring Arbor.

Margie was so easy to talk to. She cared about us as a family. I had only known her a few days and it seemed like I was talking to an old friend. Margie was off the day Mom left the hospital, but she actually called the nurse on duty that day to make sure everything was going smoothly.

Mom had been to the hospital before and, while I felt most of her nurses were good, I had never met such an outstanding nurse as Margie. I told our doctor what a great nurse he had. When I told Margie I was nominating her for a DAISY Award she just rolled her eyes. The good work she does is reward enough for her. She should be cloned!