Margaret Foreman

Margaret Foreman, RN

Psychiatric Services
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

Nomination 1
Margaret shows a tenaciousness when it comes to making sure her patients get the best care. She is an advocate for her patients in many ways. She also works well with her colleagues and is always a considerate team player.

Nomination 2

Margaret always demonstrates expert, professional, and patient-centered care to our patients. Last week, we had a patient who was experiencing extreme psychosis and who also had a history of extreme violence. Margaret was able to partner with this patient, offering assistance and support, and ultimately served to de-escalate the patient which paved the way for the delivery of quality patient care. It seems that by Margaret taking a moment to listen to her patients, multiple patient restraints and possible seclusions have been avoided as I have noted this manner of partnering and patient respect many times. Margaret treats her patients with dignity and integrity – which I believe has made all the difference in multiple patient experiences.