Maternity 2
Miami Valley Hospital

We would like to nominate Margaret Boudinot for the Daisy Award. Margaret really meets all the Daisy standards, but a few standouts include: compassion, leading by example, going above and beyond, making a difference and professionalism. Margaret is one of those “special” nurses who truly understand the profession of nursing. She is always cheerful and maintains a positive attitude no matter what is going on around her.

She really “gets” what relationship based care is all about and she practices the art on a daily basis. Margaret is never too busy to meet a patient or family member need. She takes time to listen and is a real patient advocate. She goes above and beyond to provide excellent care every minute that she works. Margaret treats everyone with respect and she makes sure to individualize her care based upon patient and family needs. Patients love Margaret and praise her often for her quality care. I can honestly say that Margaret is one of the finest nurses I have ever had the privilege of working with. She is a valuable member of our Maternity 2 team and everyday that she works, a patient’s life is touched in a positive way!