Marc Baron

Marc Baron

Marc Baron, RN

Emergency Department
Lankenau Medical Center
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
United States

In the very early hours my father fell and as a result was lethargic and mostly un-responsive. An ambulance was called and rushed us off to Lankenau Medical Center emergency room. Unfortunately, this is a process that we have become all too familiar with. Upon arrival in the ER, we were processed and my father was sent to get a CAT scan. The results showed that my dad had sustained a large subdural hematoma.

While awaiting the surgeon, we were moved to another room in the ER where Marc Baron, RN came in and introduced himself. He immediately took control of the situation, handling my family with a level of compassion and care that I have never witnessed before. He explained exactly what was being done and why, in terms that we could all understand. He made us feel like we were part of the process, instead of intruders being pushed aside. As each additional family member arrived to the ER, everyone was so impressed with Marc. Given the magnitude of the situation we were facing, it was a bit surprising that some of our conversation centered on the care Marc was giving my dad, so much so that it almost felt like Marc was caring for his own father, not just a strangers.

When the difficult decision was made to take my father off all the medical care and move to comfort care only, Marc was right there explaining it all to us, helping us cope with the magnitude of what we were about to go through. He called a rabbi without us having to ask, brought a comfort quilt for my dad and quickly had food and drinks brought to a separate room so my family could be together. Very shortly after that he had hospice care people arrive to speak with us, and before we knew it, we were in a hospital room.

My dad was basically non responsive for 3 days until Sunday when he bagan to try to get out of bed and speak. Things were turning, we had a miracle beginnning. What I didn't know until Tuesday morning was that Marc had come up to see my father after his 12 hour shift on Friday and again on Monday. This is so far above and beyond anything that any of my family has ever encountered, and meant so much to all of us.

I have been in many ERs in my life and never ever experienced the care, compassion and competency that I did on Friday. Marc's same care and concern has continued to envelop my family throughout our days at Lankenau. He has helped us to cope, understand what is going on and find some positivity during such a stressful time.