Mandy Ferrell

Mandy Ferrell, RN

Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, UW Medicine
Seattle, Washington
United States
Mandy is providing a legacy for us all to strive and achieve.

I am nominating Mandy for the DAISY Award because of what an amazing source of strength and example that she sets on the unit.  She always goes that extra mile for her patients and co-workers.  She gives outstanding customer service.  Mandy brings clinical expertise to the unit and is a great resource for new nurses.  She provides a role model for those entering the nursing profession, patient advocacy, and passion for mankind that this career allows.  She is providing a legacy for us all to strive and achieve. 


Mandy has gone the extra mile to help educate and explain diabetes to me.  I don’t feel so in the dark. She really enjoys helping others and she does it with a smile. She is truly an angel!