September 2017
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My patient was an 18-year-old pregnant mom, who was hospitalized over Mother’s Day weekend with severe kidney infection.  As she unexpectedly declined into acute respiratory failure, Mandy was an irreplaceable resource.  As a new physician at the hospital, I needed help to navigate the transfer process in order to get this mother-baby duo intensive care.  Mandy was the charge nurse on the L&D that evening and helped guide me through the process.  When I was repeatedly denied transfer, she advocated for the patient and helped me to find the correct people to escalate the case.  Ultimately, without her care and advocacy, the patient and her unborn child would have likely died.  Not only did Mandy assist on the physician side, but she stayed with patient and family as well, explaining each change/turn in the process as well.  She was an excellent navigator without which the ship would have sunk!