Mallory Beiler
August 2020
Winchester Medical Center
United States




Mallory is the epitome of a fabulous nurse. Each day she cared for me with kindness and excellence in her duties. She made me feel very comfortable during a difficult time.

During my stay at WMC, there was a ban on visitors because of COVID-19. Not even my husband could come in with me when he dropped me off. That is difficult. Mallory was very good to me and helped me a lot emotionally. Since my husband could not be here Mallory sat in the room with me as the doctor gave me my test results and told me my cancer had returned.

After the doctor left Mallory sat next to me and offered a shoulder to cry on. She definitely went above and beyond her duty as a nurse. She was so caring and compassionate, and each day she was my nurse she continued to show that same compassion and care.

I believe that nursing is a calling and Mallory is certainly called. What a blessing it was to have had the privilege of having her to attend to my needs. I will never forget her kindness and compassion.