Malika Djoudi

Malika Djoudi, RN

Human Motion Institute (Ortho)
Lutheran Medical Center (CO)
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
United States

I want to let you know about an extraordinary nurse on your staff in the HMI, Malika Djoudi. She was my day nurse every day that I was at Lutheran. Under her care, I felt confident and assured that I was receiving the very best care possible. I had to be transferred to the rehab unit at another area hospital and Malika made my transition seamless. She called the nursing staff and thoroughly prepared them for my arrival. I was so impressed with her that I requested to have her as my nurse for my second surgery.
During both surgeries I had a variety of peripheral health issues arise that complicated my recovery. Malika stayed on top of every issue I was facing and acted as my intermediary and advocate with the other health professionals. Under her care, I had complete confidence that nothing was going to be overlooked or forgotten. Her attention to detail was meticulous. She took time to explain every procedure and medication regardless of how busy she was.
Equally important, Malika arrived with a smile and an encouraging word every single time she came into my room. We developed a relationship in which we could be both serious and playful. It was helpful to have that lightheartedness during my stay. Malika took the time to get to know my wife, and made her feel comfortable and welcome. I can't say enough positive things about this very special person.