Mahmoud Dwaik

Mahmoud Dwaik

Mahmoud Dwaik, RN

HFWBH 2nd Floor ICU
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
West Bloomfield , Michigan
United States
Mahmoud, you treated, cared for, and looked after M as though he were your own family member.

Early in the morning, I phoned 911.  The 911 operator instructed me on how to perform CPR on my husband who had suffered a heart attack when his stent of only 6 days duration had clotted.  When EMS arrived, I was so frightened that I had not done enough for my husband and that we had lost him.  But EMS revived my husband and we got to HFH ER and within hours and then my husband was brought to you in the ICU.  Mahmoud, I remember being introduced to you in the hallway.  I was with our priest.  I was terribly distraught.  I expressed my desire to sleep in my husband's ICU room with him.  You were so kind.  You rightfully told me that "My husband will know you are there and he will need your positive energy.”  Mahmoud, you treated, cared for, and looked after my husband as though he were your own family member.  You took care of me as well and also our adult children who were in and out that day.  You were so thoughtful when offering water, a blanket, or a pillow.  Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and beyond that, your professionalism, knowledge, expertise, were amazing.  What truly struck me, though, and what stands out in my memory is the following:  You took the time to talk to us in the ICU room as you cared for my husband.  I asked you if patients, who had similar experiences to my husband (sudden cardiac arrest with ensuing coma) ever really improve, survive and come through this.  You looked at me and said without skipping a beat, “Yes! There is a wall of photos near the front of the building.  There is a man in the photos who was just like your husband.  He survived and walked out of here.  Your husband can too”.  While at HF West Bloomfield during your shift and then the next shift, my husband suffered 3 cardiac arrests.  Then, my husband was transported to another facility and spent 15 days in a coma.  During the coma, he contracted 2 anti-biotic strains of pneumonia and suffered 4 additional cardiac arrests.  I was told he would never walk, talk or be independent.  Doctors told us on the 14th day to “say goodbye, there is a flat line”.  The next day, my husband opened his eyes, was responsive and a few days later they extubated him and he talked up a storm!  Within days he passed his swallow test (on the second try).  Then he learned to walk again while at 2 different Rehab programs. Thanks to your extraordinary care, my husband did survive and he is here to thank you personally!  Thank you and God bless you for all you did for my husband and our family!


Mahmoud cared for my husband in such a wonderful, caring, professional manner.  He was kind to our entire family.  His knowledge and confidence were outstanding.  He seemed to go over and above in his care of my husband.  Thank you!