Maggie Mae Baenziger

Maggie Mae Baenziger

Maggie Mae Baenziger, RN, BSN, WOC

Wound/Ostomy Department
Holy Cross Hospital
Chicago, Illinois
United States

I was taken by ambulance to the ER in very bad shape. I was transferred to the ICU and then to the Telemetry Unit during my stay. I was intubated so I don’t really remember the first part of my stay.

Glory to me these two nurses, Laura and Maggie, showed up in my room very pleased to see me. They went on to rave about how good I looked compared to how sick I was in the ICU earlier that week. They were happy to see me doing so well.

I was then transferred to the medical/surgical floor where I was greeted by the nurses once again. They gave me an assessment of my wounds. They instructed me that my left leg no longer needed a dressing but my right leg, on the other hand, was still infected. They showed me ways to care for it at home. They just cared about me. They are the two friendly faces I always saw in the hospital.

If I were to categorize Laura and Maggie, I would call them my patient advocates. They truly have earned the DAISY Award in my opinion for all of the care they had given me during my hospitalization.