Maggie Bissell

Maggie Bissell, RN, BSN, CCRN

Progressive Care Unit
Swedish Edmonds Hospital
Edmonds, Washington
United States
I was in awe at her calmness and competence in that moment of crisis.

Maggie embodies the caring and compassion that is required in nursing.  Maggie always thinks about what is best for the patient.  She is always respectful and caring in her interactions with patients, families, and co-workers.

Maggie has a thirst for knowledge, excellence and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.  She is always in “teacher mode” with her staff.  Maggie is dedicated to her family but she gives 110% to her job as well as working to complete her MN degree and giving back to the community with projects such as her recent 4-day Seattle-King County Clinic at the Key Arena.

I first met Maggie as a new RN on 8W and she was an RN in ICU.  She took the time to make an effort to introduce herself and say welcome and offer her assistance.  I still remember watching her respond to a code on our floor.  I was in awe at her calmness and competence in that moment of crisis.  I have always thought if I ever need a nurse at my bedside in a crisis, I would want it to be Maggie.  Over the years I have come to know Maggie and truly respect her as both a nurse and co-worker.

Yesterday we had 2 code blues called within a short period of each other and a rapid response.  Maggie heard these codes called and even though she was not part of the response team, she was aware that resources were spread thin and in the best interest of patient outcome and support staff, she responded and helped with the 2nd code.

Maggie is loved and respected by her staff and all co-workers. She is the type of nurse patients and families remember long after their visit to our hospital.  Maggie is truly exceptional and worthy of the DAISY Award.