Maggie Aveis
November 2017
Labor and Delivery
Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital
West Chester
United States




When I delivered my first baby here at CCH, I, unfortunately, had an awful delivery and my son was transferred to CHOP without me. Because of this, I was terrified to go through another delivery when I was pregnant with my second child. I came in to be induced and was highly anxious but luckily had an awesome nurse! Maggie came in to meet me when her shift started and I immediately relaxed. She was so bubbly and full of energy, I told her my story and why I was anxious and she promised me we would have a great night. Maggie was so supportive and reassuring throughout my whole delivery, I truly felt as if I was the only patient there. Just as she said, I had an incredibly different and happy delivery this time and am so grateful that she was with me. Maggie exemplifies the iCARE values of CCH and deserves to be recognized for her care and compassion!