Madison Cooper

Madison Cooper

Madison Cooper, BSN, RN

Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
I cannot thank Madison enough for helping him have his wish; the wish for a peaceful death.

I am so grateful for the care Madison gave my father on the day he died. When she walked into his room that morning, I knew there was something extremely special about her. I wish he could have had a conversation with her because I know he would have liked her so much, but I know he felt her presence and could hear her calming and kind voice. He was a man who lived his life to the fullest and wanted to die with dignity and grace. When she came out of his room after giving him his morning cares, and told me she had shaved him because she could tell he was a clean-shaven man. She gave me a memory I will never forget, and that is that he had a nurse who would help him die unafraid. I cannot thank her enough for helping him have his wish; the wish for a peaceful death. Madison knew my father was a World War II Vet.  I will cherish how she showed him so much respect even though at this time of his life he looked like a very old 90-year-old man who had no history.  She took care of him and talked to him as though she knew him for years. She was so genuine. There has always been this saying amongst nurses, "care for your patients as though they are your own family". Madison truly took care of my father as though he was her grandfather. I found peace with my father's death because of her.

I also want to thank her for caring for me. She knew I was extremely tired and did not know what to expect that day.  She spent time telling me how to help him know it was okay to leave this world; she gave me the book "Gone from My Sight" and made sure I had coffee.  She treated me as his daughter, not as the Director of Nursing of Women's Hospital or the Service Leader of Labor and Delivery. That meant so much to me. She has a true gift of showing compassion and caring. I saw and felt this every moment she cared for my father. I saw how hard she worked to make him comfortable in his last few hours.  I will never forget her.

Methodist is so fortunate to have Madison as one of our nurses.