Madaneta Delos Reyes

Madaneta Delos Reyes

Madaneta Delos Reyes, RN

Emergency Department
Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Madaneta de los Reyes advocates for the patient, for example; one time an irate patient she was not assigned to her started screaming, she quickly jumped in and assisted the patient with his needs, spent a great amount of time with the patient. She even volunteered to be the primary RN since she established rapport with him. Nita is her nickname but also known as “nanay” or “mom” because she is always there to help, never loses her temper, and is very kind to everyone. She is a great asset to JBVA.

Nita’s integrity is displayed when returning ER veteran patients from previous years request her all the time and become saddened when they find out she only works days. She has dedicated 20 years with the VA and showed exemplary nursing care, always focusing on the needs of the veteran in her care.

A veteran had no way home, Nita spoke with transportation, skipping her assigned lunch just to make sure he was well cared for and had a way to reach his final destination, putting forth his needs before hers. Her level of respect for the veteran’s needs are truly remarkable.

A homeless veteran was embarrassed by not showering. She made him feel comfortable about his circumstance and privately helped him shower, provided him some clean clothes and helped him dress. After that, she even escorted him to the door to wait for his ride home even on the busiest of days.

Nita maintains a smile with encouraging words and an uplifting spirit that the day will get better and we can accomplish anything as a team. It is so refreshing to work alongside this nurse who demonstrates the VA mission on a daily basis. The excellence she demonstrates is truly a rewarding gift to the staff and veterans she serves every day.

Nita has devoted countless years serving veterans, our nation’s heroes. At this time, we would like to recognize and applaud Nita for her hard work and commitment. Keep up the great work Nita! We salute you!