Lynne Bowden

Lynne Bowden

Lynne Bowden, RN

MaineGeneral Medical Center
Augusta, Maine
United States
Lynne has an incredible spirit that just reaches out and touches you.

Therapeutic Endoscopy nurses see patients at their most vulnerable.  The diagnosis is usually not one with a happy ending.  These patients often come to Endo for a palliative procedure to extend their lives.  Lynne connects with these patients, offering them peace and yes, even hope that they will get to see maybe one more wedding, a new grandchild, and a visit from an old friend. 

One patient who had a terminal illness made the decision to come in for the last time for one more pancreatic stent.  She was waiting for her procedure, and Lynne took the time to listen and be present. After the procedure, the patient was taken back to her room, and the conversation led to her final wish.  Since she realized that the end was near, the conversation led to a question about wishes.  The patient stated she wanted a small TV for her bedroom, “since that is where I am most comfortable and will be when I pass away.”  Lynne immediately sprang into action and went out and purchased a TV equipped with FaceTime so she could view her daughter’s wedding that had been scheduled for February in Florida.  Lynne gathered the entire Endo team and together presented the patient with her new TV from Endo. 

She has an incredible spirit that just reaches out and touches you. Lynne is the epitome of a DAISY Nurse.