Lynn Belice

Lynn Belice

Lynn Belice, BSN, RN

Unit 7A
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Lynn's goal was to maximize his recovery in a minimal amount of time. She truly wanted to see him well. Lynn was the pivotal healthcare professional in his course of care.

Our son is four months old.  He spent more than eight weeks off and on at Children’s Hospital in both the NICU and on the cardiac floor.  He has been cared for by many special nurses.  Lynn Belice, however, was outstanding.  Her care and compassion were evident from the first time we met her.  She truly loves her patients and her profession. During our latest hospital stay, my son was not an easy patient.  He cried inconsolably for the first five days.  He would sleep for brief intervals only because his reserve was drained from screaming. 

Lynn was our nurse on the second night.  Her patience was incredible, especially as mine deteriorated.  Lynn consistently ensured that his care was exemplary.  She was always gentle, yet efficient in her treatment of him.  Her goal was to maximize his recovery in a minimal amount of time.  She truly wanted to see him well.  Lynn was the pivotal healthcare professional in his course of care.  She was his champion.  When I was concerned about lack of progress in his treatment plan, she made sure that we had information to seek out alternative solutions.  I was then able to make more informed decisions regarding his care.  His quality of care dramatically and rapidly improved when she became his nurse and advocated for him.

Not only did she treat our son, Lynn cared for the entire family.  She made every effort to see that our needs were met by ensuring that I was confident in our son’s care.  Lynn would frequently come in to soothe him so that I was comfortable enough to go home for a few hours to sleep and care for our other children.  I was often present for the change of day and night nursing staff.  Lynn always made sure her verbal reports were concise and accurate for a smooth transition of care to the next nurse.  She wanted to make sure that the next nurse truly understood him and what was happening. Lynn Belice cares greatly for both the patients and families whom she treats.  She is a true DAISY Nurse for her selfless attentiveness and compassionate treatment of others.  I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has already made in my son's short life.