Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson, RN

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario (OR)
Ontario, Oregon
United States

I have a unique perspective about Lynette. To start with my husband was a patient in February. He had a total knee replacement and ended up having complication with pulmonary emboli. I was extremely sensitive about this due to the fact that my sister had died from this same complication. Lynette was his first floor nurse and was so thorough, compassionate and caring that I knew it was not just because of "customer service." I felt comfortable leaving him in her care. She truly cares about her patients and loves what she is doing. She performs her duties with accuracy and skill that cannot be "faked" just because his wife is a nurse. Her teaching skills were/are amazing.

Then unexpectedly I too ended up in the hospital having surgery for a mass. What a stressful time. One minute you are feeling fine and then the Dr. says you have a mass. I was very leary of having surgery at the same place that I work. I then thought, "how can I recommend people to come here if I won't have my surgery here myself." So I literally decided that I would use all of what SAMC-Ontario has to offer. I was very nervous. I have spent 28 years on the outside of the bed and was very humbled to be inside the bed!

Lynette was also my first nurse when I woke up and days following. Again she was caring, supportive and understanding. She has a positive attitude, positive outlook, accepts change and truly tries to make thing better for her "team mates." If you have not tried her home made snacks you are truly missing out. As she was taking care of me she remembered that years ago I told her I was allergic to walnuts. She noticed it was not on my chart and added it to my history! To be able to remember little thing about others is a huge talent.