Lyndie Cherry

Lyndie Cherry, RN

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

Lyndie continues to make an incredible impact to patients and families, she has consistently been recognized on rounds, and in writing by her patients through connect calls, SE nominations, and patient/family letters of thanks.

On a daily basis she evokes comments:

"She is an excellent, excellent nurse, outstanding, concerned for my well being and looks out for me."

"Many, many thanks for your professional and caring services you provide to me, without which I would have incurred a more lengthy stay."

"You were attentive, positive, responsive and lovely!" all words that any Manager is proud to hear when it pertains to their staff.

Lyndie models positive, pro-active behavior is a patient advocate and tends to her patients as though they were her own family. On the unit she is always someone who is involved with committees, being a preceptor as well as a patient advocate. One letter ends with the statement "I hope, in some way, that she is recognized for her superior professional nursing services".