Lucy Finney

Lucy Finney, RN, OCN

Ambulatory OncologyEmory Winship Cancer Institute
Emory University Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

On July 8th, 2009 the patient was treated for base of tongue cancer at the Winship Cancer Center. The first treatment of Erbitux through an IV port under the patient clavicle, it produced an immediate life threatening reaction. There was numbness, hives, trouble breathing and blood pressure dropped. An acute, immune, anaphylaxis reaction was occurring prompted by administration of the Erbitux. A code was called and the nurse was alerted. Lucy Finney clearly saved the patient's life. Within seconds, she stopped the Erbitux and administered high dose steroids. She calmly asked for oxygen.

Her clinical skills have been honed over many years of nursing work of over 20 years at Emory. It is impressive that she handled this emergency flawlessly. I greatly commend her for outstanding clinical skills, compassionate care and calm demeanor in the face of an emergency.