Lucinda Goyins

Lucinda Goyins

Lucinda Goyins, RN

Salem Health
Salem, Oregon
United States

Cindy is truly the hardest worker on the unit. She does not appreciate idle time and keeps herself busy on chart reviews, SPT work, and best practice research rather than sit and wait for the next procedure. She has a huge heart and wants the Imaging RN team to provide the highest level of care consistently.

Just recently, prior to a procedure, Cindy took the time to thoroughly review a patient chart and as a result of the review engaged in a discussion with the patients' group home and as a result saved a mentally handicapped patient from being poked with a needle and sedated. These patients are highly excitable (screaming and combative) when upset and needles often set these patients off. While one would assume that reviewing a chart is standard process, Cindy was proactive in discussing with the group home the impact of the needle stick and sedation on the patient. Cindy understood her patient's risk and was a strong advocate for her. Cindy is extremely conscientious about following up with patients post visit if they experience extravasations even if she is not involved in the case. Cindy makes sure that the patients are called at home and that there are no lingering issues. If she cannot make the call Cindy reminds her peers that the calls need to be made and the calls need to be timely. Cindy goes the extra mile to make sure that the patient is well cared for. Cindy does not wait for Patient Transport if she knows there will be a delay. Rather than wait for Transport Cindy goes out of her way to transport the patients back to their rooms herself after being in Imaging for extended periods having a Nuclear Medicine study.

Cindy maintains her Certified Radiology Nurse (CRN) certification (not required by Salem Health and entails earning 60 CEU's specifically radiology nursing related every four years) and attends as many Professional Development Institute lectures as possible. Cindy is a member of ARIN (American Radiology and Interventional Nursing).

Cindy sets annual goals to read and provide journal articles related to Imaging Nursing on a regular basis. Cindy brings up patient-care issues to her Imaging RN peers for monthly discussion and resolution. Cindy drove the idea of standardizing the supply cabinets within the Ultrasound Department patient rooms in order to eliminate the distraction of having to leave the rooms to get missing supplies as well as have other staff enter a room mid-procedure to see if the supply they are looking for might be in that room. As part of the Imaging SPT, this year Cindy has worked on the use of Nuclear Medicine and CT R/O Pulmonary Embolism analysis and pretty much single-handedly reviewed the charts and WELLS score. Cindy was a key team member on the Imaging SPT 2014 Renal Biopsy study reviewing increased complications following renal biopsies and continues to work on developing post biopsy best practices in partnership with the radiologists and the Prep/Recovery floor.