Luann Campagnola

Luann Campagnola, RN

Hackensack University Medical Center
Hackensack, New Jersey
United States

I was called by guest services that there was a mom who wanted to see her deceased child. She had not seen this 21-week baby girl at birth. She was discharged and went to the funeral home, only to find out that they would not allow her to see the baby prior to burial. She showed up in the lobby of the Women's and Children's Building at Hackensack University Medical Center very upset, wanting a chance to see her baby.

Kathleen Cohen and her colleague Luann Campagnola made a very difficult situation possible. They arranged a comfortable place for the mom to go to wait until the baby could be brought to them. As the baby was brought through the NICU doors these two nurses were there with open arms and took this little 21-week fetus and put the baby in a decorated towel with a pink afghan wrapped around her. These "angels" brought the baby to the mother and father with love and compassion that was too much for words.

They gave this mom a very special gift: love, compassion, gentleness, and time to grieve her child. This mom was given the gift of closure. This would not have been possible if these two extraordinary nurses did not just stand up and say to me, 'BRING HER HERE!'"