LTJG Hoblet

LTJG Hoblet, RN, BSN

Naval Medical Center San Diego
San Diego, California
United States

A patient's family member came to our ward a few weeks ago with a "Thank You" card and talked about how great a (charge) nurse LTJG Hoblet had been over the previous few days. The family member shared the following information with the leadership and asked that we relay it to "the higher ups":

There can be a delay in receiving discharge medications during peak evening discharge hours due to high volume. The patient had discharge orders; however, their discharge medications were not yet ready for pharmacy pick-up. A layer of complexity was added when the patient was ordered a non-formulary medication and it was taking an extended amount of time to fill the order. This event was happening before daylight savings time had started; therefore, it was starting to become dark outside around 17:30-18:00.

The patient and his wife reported that they were not able to drive after dark due to vision problems. In order for the patient to be discharged home before dark LTJG Hoblet stepped in and developed a plan to assist the family. She ensured a timely discharge and arranged for the patient's medications to be delivered to his home after a long busy shift.

The patient's family was so impressed by LTJG Hoblet willingness to go the extra mile for them that they wanted her to be recognized as an exemplary nurse.