Louise Katz

Louise Katz

Cape Canaveral Hospital

This nomination was received from a mother whose life was positively impacted by working with lactation consultant, Louise Katz:

Two years ago, my daughter was born and I had a visit from lactation consultant extraordinaire, Louise Katz. With a calm, knowledgeable tone, Louise skillfully guided me through the process of breastfeeding. Throughout my hospital stay, Louise was always there, with just the simple push of my call button.

Upon discharge most patients never again see those who cared for them during a hospitalization. This is not the case with Louise. She graciously opens her office up to new mothers with appointments throughout the week. Mommies and their babies are welcomed back again and again to continue the gift of guidance and support from Louise.

Louise also leads the MOM’s Club, a weekly breastfeeding support group. It is no secret amongst MOM’s Club that Louise is a very unique individual, helping new mommies when it is needed most. To many mothers she means more than she will ever realize.

A year ago, I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Although I knew the lump in my armpit was not a normal thing, Louise was the one who urged me to have it further evaluated. Throughout the course of the past year, I completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy, had a bilateral mastectomy, 6 weeks of radiation and reconstructive surgery. The friends that I became close with at MOM’s Club and Louise were there every step of the way with me: the love and support that I received during that time has left me utterly speechless.

I am honored to nominate Louise Katz for the DAISY Award. There is not a more deserving, caring, compassionate individual out there. Louise does not just provide patients with exceptionally kind care during their stay at Cape Canaveral Hospital, but her dedicated relationship with Mommies and babies continues for years. I look forward to the day when my daughter is grown, and I will tell her of the woman who tenderly helped us learn to nurse together, united us with our now lifelong friends that we met at MOM’s Club, and most importantly, helped save her Mommy’s life.